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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful blog site and
    your inspirational writing. I am just about to start a blog as
    I am a shaman, have symbolic sight and read into the energetic events of each day, however, I want to teach the alchemical process of self transformation in my way, which is very simply as I call it the undoing.

    I am just coming out of my ‘cave’ and learning how to do this type of thing and asking for help was guided to yr blog.
    I know there is room for us all to be abundantly successful as we be who we are and pray you well-being today.

  2. I also believe that the world is endlessly abundant! My very best wishes to you as you tell your story and inspire others!

  3. Hi Goddess, I enjoyed your post again this day. I received an email from Caroline Myss the other day that said ,”At some point, a person has to pause and realize that only heaven could so empty one’s life so completely. Only heaven could create a life path that intersects with the release of the lives of others so dear to them in a simultaneous way. And so you face the beginning of a new life, yet again. What now?”
    I have been with Caroine since 2004 and we were emailng each other about the Dark Night which I have been experiencing these three yrs. All in Divine and holy order. thank you for your post. Keep creatiing your God/Goddess. xoxoxox

  4. Good to hear from you again, Lilly. Caroline’s work continues to inspire me, as I see it does you. Thank you for the encouragement and may you receive all the forgiveness you seek.

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