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Mindful marketing

I love the little synchronicities that keep me tuned to what’s important. This morning during a chat over a tall chai latte, a strategic business partner who had recently SEO’d my entire online world, reminded me that the best way to optimize my presence is to post often.

“Yes,” I lamented, “I now post to two blogs! Who has time for other social media?” For more efficiency, she suggested I share my posts on the two blogs. “Good idea,” I thought. “Now what do spirituality and social media marketing have in common?”

Not ten minutes later, as I stood in the check-out line at the grocery store, I spied the spring issue of the Buddhist review, Tricycle, and an article gracing its Vajrasattva-clad cover: “10 Mindful Ways to Use Social Media.”

Perhaps I’m not the only one who often has to choose between spending my time praying and meditating or mindfully working. I have often written about work issues on this blog. But on my business website, are people really interested in my thoughts about a mindful approach to marketing?

More and more I see the lines blurring between the spiritual and the mundane. Perhaps it’s the collective sense that we’ve arrived at a turning point in human history. There has always been suffering—financial strife, natural disaster, war, revolution, social injustice and individual turmoil. It’s just that now we have instant access to personal and media accounts of human suffering from around the world. I’d like to think that this constant stream of self-created human angst has the potential to awaken us rather than to send us diving back under the warm blankets of avoidance and distraction.

I’m not sure whether people are ready to wake up to marketing their businesses in kinder, more generous and positive ways. I am sure, however, that I’m ready to put aside my fears of appearing too earnest, too woo woo, in order to offer exactly that kind of service. I’d like to spread the message that it is possible to help others while earning a decent living and distributing western wealth more equitably across the globe. There is no need to split the spiritual self from the business persona. In fact, we’ll need to bring the two together more and more in order to accomplish the healing our world requires.

Join me! Set a small enlightened intention to help someone else in your business today and then tweet about it. And check out @TinyBuddha while you’re there!