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Some thoughts on 2011

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Tara in the snow, 2009

Just like the quiet beauty of a longed-for snowfall, there is something magical about the first week of the year. I’d like to share a few of my thoughts that they may be the seeds for our positive thinking in 2011.

The themes for the year are releasing struggle, listening, and trusting the abundance of life.

The simple joy of the holiday season seems to spill onto the pages of my pristine 2011 datebook. My most ardent wish is that I trust the empty spaces more than frantically trying to fill my days with hustle and frenzy, struggling to manage all my commitments. Indeed, the first Monday of the year did not go as I had planned, but brought a theme of Let Go. A co-worker was laid-off, a plan in my home was abandoned, a client made a move away from me and toward a new strategy for himself, an old friend surprised me when I let go of my judgments about her.

Sound scary? I certainly react with fear at times. What I have come to realize, however, is that I cannot let go of only what I perceive as bad. If something is bad, is its opposite good? When I am honest, I admit that I have no idea.

The secret is to release the struggle to sort it all out,  to keep the good and the bad segregated, to spend my days filling-in the ledger book in my karma account.

Release the struggle. Every struggle. Struggle looks like “yah, but…” Releasing it looks suspiciously like “——–” listening. How simple is that?

There is an abundance unlike anything I have ever known. Gifts are falling from the sky. The right words appear magically. Several conflicts were averted yesterday just by staying present to my own thoughts and feelings and stating them simply. New plans materialized that were even better than previous ideas. A grounded surety has begun bubbling-up like a healing hot spring.

Is this the right path for 2011? I don’t know. Stay tuned. It will change.




Author: Carrie Ure

Carrie Ure is a teacher, editor and happiness coach based in Portland, Oregon.

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