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“I don’t like to be afraid — it scares me.”             Woody Allen


For those of you who’ve listened tirelessly to my impromptu lectures, I have some good news! I now have this outlet for my musings on life, spirituality, relationships, Tarot and archetypes, writing, travel, philosophy, parenting, Buddhism, ACIM and anything else that comes to mind. I offer you relief from glazed eyes and deep yawns. I won’t take offense if you run screaming from the room when I announce my latest discovery, whether Nonviolent Communication, hunting for archetypes in movies, or The Sedona Method. Nor will I comment when you roll your eyes at my latest and greatest scheme to reach enlightenment in this very lifetime.

Think about it. We’ll now have more time to love each other and post to Facebook .

So if you see me winding up for a long-winded pontification, DO YOUR PART! Don’t hesitate to remind me to hit the blogosphere.

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